Supporting Local Schools

We think it is important to invest in our local communities which is why we love getting involved with local primary schools and helping out at gala and fundraiser days.


If you have a need or an event coming up at your local school then get in touch with us today and we may be able to partner with you!


Murrays Bay Primary School

Murrays Bay Primary School

QPC sponsored the zorb at the fair to help raise money for the playground.

Devonport Primary School

Devonport School

QPC sponsored a stall at the fair to help raise money for the playground.

St Leos School

St Leos School

QPC were gold sponsors donating money towards purchasing enhanced learning equipment and also carrying out repair work to the school free of charge so that the money earmarked for repairs could be directed back into helping the kids.

Onehunga Primary School

Onehunga Primary School

QPC donated 8 hours worth of building work to be auctioned off on the night.



Medowbank Primary School

Meadowbank Primary School

QPC purchased full colour page articles in their school magazine to help raise money for the school.

Coatesville Primary School

QPC donated 2 days of building time for the school fundraiser, as well as donating time and materials for a new playground